Center of Gravity

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Since it’s inauguration in 2008, Center of Gravity has become one of the largest sport and entertainment festival in BC. Created by Wet Ape Productions, the festival that originated as VolleyFest now brings in over 30,000 people each year and over $6,000,000 into the local community. On top of the economic impact the festival also creates athlete and artist development opportunities, culture, and community spirit. COG is a unique experience that brings people together in a celebration of music, art, and sport. The core demographic is 18 – 30 with an equal split of men and women. The mandate of COG is to showcase action sports, professional beach volleyball and basketball, and world class musical talents in an interactive experience that inspires, excites, and continually challenges what is possible in the event industry. Billed as Canada’s Hottest Beach Festival, COG is the largest event of its kind in Western Canada with all-star live music performances, DJ shows and some of the world’s top professional extreme athletes competing for the some of the country’s highest prize pools.

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