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Beach Volleyball is at the heart of Monster Energy Center of Gravity. In fact, COG started in 2007 under the name of Volleyfest. Only in this zone will you find former and future Olympians alike playing for a total prize pool of $10,000.

List of Registered Teams

Event Details:

  • Tournament Date: July 28 – 29, 2018
  • Qualifier Date: July 27, 2018 (if required)
  • Schedule: 9am – 7pm daily
  • Location: Hot Sands Beach, Kelowna’s City Park
  • Fee: $120.00 per Team of 2


Prize Pool:

  • Mens 1st – $2,500
  • Mens 2nd – $1,250
  • Mens 3rd – $1,000 (split)
  • Mens 5th – $250 (split)
  • Womens 1st – $2,500
  • Womens 2nd – $1,250
  • Womens 3rd – $1,000 (split)
  • Womens 5th – $250 (split)


Weather Conditions: the average temperature in Kelowna in July is 28C (82F); however, temperatures reached 32.4C during tournament play in 2014. Please note that the sand on the courts may be very hot by midday. The courts will be watered periodically, but please plan accordingly.

Accommodation: Click here for more info

Transportation: Check out COG’s Shuttle Program for your ticket to ride all weekend long!

Discounted Passes: With your registration, participants get a discounted concert pass.

*All players must be able to compete at a high level; seeding is by committee based on recent beach volleyball finishes and, consequently, we reserve the right to refuse entry if a team does not meet this requirement

2018 Draw, Schedule, and Results can be found HERE.

2017 Draw, Schedule, and Results can be found HERE.

Beach Vball Results