Center of Gravity

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The Urban Zone showcases some of the best homegrown BMX Riders and Skateboarders in the Okanagan. Riders will hit features like rails, quarter pipes, boxes, and a 30’ half pipe. Combined with jams provided by our great lineup of BC DJs and performances from local breakdance crews, the Urban Zone is a great place to lean back, chillax, and enjoy some great local talent.


  • Dan Pandzic

  • Dave Laliberte

  • Trevor Angelucci


  • Ryan Lepore

  • Bryce Aspinall

  • Kevin Ramsay

Dan Pandzic

  • Dan Pandzic
  • AGE: Forever Young
  • Sponsors: Freeride Boardshop, Alberta Oil.
  • Style: All around total ripper!
  • This Ontario transplant is one exciting rider to watch. He is all about high 5’s and big smiles and when he has a BMX involved the good times roll. Dan is a three time COG competitor who has consistently shown he is one of the favourites to win for a reason.

Dave Laliberte

  • Dave Laliberte
  • AGE: 24
  • Sponsors: Riffs BMX, Hevil BMX, Cariboo Brewing, Burnt Clothing.
  • Style: Huge airs and massive Flairs
  • Dave ‘ danger ‘ Laliberte is one BMX Boss. Dave is a staple at this event because he rides as hard and determined from start to finish and always leaves as the people’s champion regardless of placement. When you see Dave ride his Bike it will make you feel like you need training wheels. Combining many different aspects of riding makes Dave a sure to watch for top spot in both Street and Best Trick competitions.

Trevor Angelucci

  • Trevor Angelucci
  • AGE: Dirty 30
  • Sponsors: THEM Clothing
  • Style: Street Tech.
  • For the last three years Trevor has exploited every part the course has to offer. His expert technical skill allow him to dissect the course in a way most riders can only dream of. Keep your eye on Trevor in the Best Trick competition because he is sure to pull out all the stops and a few that will leave you asking “how did he do that?”.

Ryan Lepore

  • Ryan Lepore
  • AGE: 23
  • Sponsors:  RVCA, VANS, BONES 
  • Style: Technical Street, Transition and Manual influenced.
  • Center of Gravity is pleased to welcome back two time Skate Champion Ryan Lepore for his third straight appearance. Ryan is not just a consistent flowing skater, he has a huge bag of tricks and has proven that multiple times on the big stage by winning the Skate Best Trick Contest.
  • Always shredding with a smile on his face and raising the competitive bar are two things you can count on from Ryan…. Leaving you with a smile after watching him shred is the third.

Bryce Aspinall

  • Bryce Aspinall
  • AGE: 23
  • Sponsors: BKRY, Working Man Corp.
  • Style: Balls to the Wall / Big Drops
  • COG welcomes first time skate contest rider Bryce Aspinall. Bryce is known for his Evil Kinevil approach to skating. Always a crowd favourite with his ability to make big drops and big obstacles look effortless. Look for Bryce to bring the thunder this weekend as he hopes lighting strikes for this 1st time show stopper. 

Kevin Ramsay

  • Kevin Ramsay
  • AGE: 25
  • Sponsors: Freeride Boardshop, RDS, New Balance Numeric, BONES, Almost Skateboards.
  • When it comes to contest skating Kevin Ramsay is what Rick James refers to as a ” superfreak ” . As a Kelowna local Kevin has competed in this contest from the start and holds the record for most 1st place finishes as well as most best trick titles. In recent years the skate world has taken big notice of this four wheeled wonder and he has made his name known internationally with multiple appearances on The Berrics Games of Skate series as well as touring and filming for Red Dragon Skate Supply. Look for Kevin to raise his level of skating even higher this year as he looks to reclaim the title and add another win to his already impressive resume.